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At the Institute of International Studies (IMS), we're proud of our history, our distinguished present and our exciting future. IMS is a great place to be a student – here are some of the reasons why.

Understanding the world in the context

The interdisciplinary programmes will teach you how to grasp everyday problems in their context. You will understand the social, institutional and historical underpinnings of current issues and be able to recognise what is and what is not relevant for finding a working solution. Your language skills will provide you with an insider’s perspective into local and regional debates.


An internship, which is an integral part of the curriculums, related to the track as well as own research for the master thesis will ensure that you will be able to use your knowledge and skills in both academic and practical context.

Study abroad opportunities

What would it be to study Area Studies without spending some time in the chosen region? As IMS student, you can take advantage of a wide range of student mobility opportunities. The international activities available to you will include study periods abroad lasting one semester or a whole academic year, practical placements, summer schools, and research trips abroad. 

Worldwide connections

Our exceptional links and networks give you the opportunity to make contacts and gain valuable experience, as well as the chance to work on meaningful projects that have a positive impact on society.

Institute of International Studies

Prague Area Studies are delivered by the dedicated and friendly Institute of International Studies. The Institute provides a broad spectrum of disciplinary and territorial knowledge that ensures that you make as much as possible from your studies. Members of our Institute are experts in their field, advising public institutions, participating in international research consortia, and regularly appearing in the media.

Access to a wide range of professions

All graduates from IMS can greatly enhance their skills and career prospects. What's more, they have access to outstanding careers support and advice for life, as well as exclusive resources and opportunities.

Graduates of IMS are characterized by a contextuallyregionally and methodologically based knowledge of modern history and of the legal, political, economic and socio-cultural background in those regions which are the contents of the Institute's scientific and pedagogical work. Furthermore, they orientate themselves in the practical consequences of recent historical events and essential contemporary problems and are equipped with necessary analytic-interpretive skills. The graduates of these fields find jobs in all types of governmental and non-governmental institutions that focus on the issues of the respective regions, both domestic and foreign, in their historical and contemporary context.

Friendly group and extensive social programme

You will become a member of a cohesive body of international students connected in our Prague Area Studies, or PRAREAS, group. PRAREAS connects all international programmes of the Institute and organises social activities throughout the year, including trips outside of Prague. You will be able to establish long-lasting ties with fellow students from other programmes.

Last updated 6. 1. 2020